Tobacco Road Marathon Training: Week 15

Oh… yeah. I have been very bad about posting here throughout the last 14 weeks.

I have trained, though, I am not really feeling good about it. This cycle, more than the other three I went through, seems to be plagued with more interruptions from life: an unexpected and frustrating injury that has slowed me down and stolen miles from me; busier work and work travel schedule replete with delays and cancellations that ate in to my training time; busier kids’ schedule which is the only thing I’m happier about this time around; anxious dog contributing messier house that has brought me to a point of triaging messes; and, finally, a recent diagnosis of cancer that hit a little too close to home for me (not me, but close enough that it could be), so few extra helpings of worry on my plate – in addition to the myriad of things that contribute to that.

And, that’s when I remind myself “this is why I run in the first place: to deal with that better”, so I lace up, but admittedly, my heart just wasn’t as into it this time around.

I haven’t worked on abs (like I said I would). I haven’t worked on nutrition (like I said I would). I haven’t worked on cross-training (like I said I would). I spent more time than I would have liked on the treadmill (including a 20 mile run), thanks to alterations in my schedule with the kids/travel and icy NC weather. Most of the longer runs have sucked. My first 20 was awesome (the one outside), but the second was horrible (the one on the treadmill) and I hated every second of it. I seriously considered dropping out of the race several times throughout this training cycle – a thought that never crossed my mind either of the first two times. Don’t think I haven’t still considered it at this late date. My attitude has suffered significantly. I’m finally starting to feel a little more excited as I approach the last week of my training, but I don’t have quite the enthusiasm I had for the last two.

A little more about this injury: I have something that I either pulled or is inflamed in the back of my right leg – this happened early in the training, too, like week 4. It doesn’t hurt as much now, especially when I run. The part that hurts is when I sit for extended periods of time. Walking around actually makes it feel better – it reminds me of my IT band injury (which is why I think ‘inflamed’). I’ve been rolling and stretching it and staying hydrated has helped, but I’m worried about it locking up after the 3:00:00 mark, the farthest it has been tested. At any rate, I’m putting it down here as something that might bring me to a rather disappointing conclusion to this race and a bit farther away from the sub-4:00:00 – and BQ – goals I have.

Or… I could be seeing things through an altered lens today – it could just be effect of one hour less of sleep and accumulated anxiety about not having a record of my thoughts about training at the time they occurred to prove there were some good days in this cycle, too. That’s part of why I strive to write my training in this blog on a weekly basis – to remind myself that there is an equal mix of good and bad days with this training business and that the cycle always comes around and to try not to set myself up for success or failure based too much on one part of it. I think I was overly confident at the end of the training cycle for Portland, and I don’t want to end up under confident for Tobacco Road.

So, for this week, I’m trying to reset my attitude and go with it and have a little trust in the fact that the runs that exceeded 2:00:00 – on balance (other than the treadmill 20) – felt better than last time and I recovered more quickly than I ever had before. That, I’m taking as progress. On my schedule, I have three runs: one more speed interval (Monday), an easy 4 (Tuesday) and a 15-minute jog (Thursday). That’ll give me two days of rest on my legs so I can focus on stretching and rolling out the tight spots.

See you all on the other side of Tobacco Road 🙂


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