Random Marathon Training: week 3

Hi Friends!

Yes… I just finished week 3 of training for a marathon I’m not entirely certain I’m going to do yet. Almost 1/4 of the way through a training plan for it, in fact. I did, however, make a move in that direction this week: I registered for the City of Oaks half marathon. I said that if I did a full, it would be this one. I registered for the half, though, because it tends to fill up and I wanted to secure a spot (and, for a cheaper price) just in case training did NOT work out as planned. I could always do the half and be pretty happy with that. I checked before I registered and I can upgrade to the full if training goes well.

So how has the training gone so far? It’s been ok – not great but not bad. I’ve “missed” only one run but that was a trade in of the first “long” of 8 miles for about 7 hours of back breaking yard work, so I’m calling it even.

I’m following the same training plan I’ve followed for the last two marathons: the 3:30 plan. Not because I can do a 3:30 (clearly – the closest I’ve come is 4:05 and that was my first), but because I want to work my way up to that. I’m using that plan to gain the fitness I’ll need to do a sub-4:00 one day. Since my leg injury last winter, though, it has been tough for me to get back to the speed I had before it on a consistent basis… and this summer, I have had a much tougher time with the heat than in previous summers (in fairness, this summer has been hotter than the more recent summers here – we got lucky with the summer weather the previous three summers in NC… we’re back to normal now).

All that to say: training is going ok so far. I do feel like I’m barely able to squeeze in the runs I get, so I’m a bit dubious about having the ability to carve out time for a full marathon and to train for it the way I know I need to. I don’t want to set up these lofty goals and then feel bad about myself because I can’t manage to reach these goals. I need to be realistic. For now, my goal is to see how close I can get.

This week, I managed to eek out 35 miles. I say “eek out” because it kind of felt like that. I did complete 5 runs: 5.6, 5.2, 6.1, 7.1 and 11.5 – overall, not a bad week. A couple of these runs were slower than I wanted and the speed interval (the 6 mile run) was really tough toward the end and I couldn’t finish it as planned. For the speed interval, I had planned on a 4/2 interval split with the intervals at 7.6, 7.7 (for 1:30 each) and 7.8 (for 1:00) – I think that might have been a little aggressive. I did manage about 35 minutes of it (with a 2:00 rest at 7.1 and 7.2 respectively), but I couldn’t do much more than that and ended up settling for a 1/1 interval/rest combo for the rest of the run. I plan to do the 4/2 again this week and see if I can make that happen this time.

Target mileage for this upcoming week is around 38 (gulp). It is going to be a pretty busy week, so I’m hoping to stay on track. I set my monthly goal for August for 125. That was my goal for July and I came within 7 of it, only because I had a 13 mile week due to the yard work stuff – so it wasn’t as though I wasn’t working, I just couldn’t count the mileage 😦

On that note… I’m going to get started with the rest of my Sunday so I can try to get ahead of my busy week and make the time for my runs this week… or at least get a decent start with it. Hope you all have a great week!


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