I am a late bloomer to running – I fell in love with it in college, and although I’ve left a few times, I’ve always come back. Almost 5 years now, and feeling the same as the first 3-miler I finished in PE 100 at NCSU.

Running and I have had our ups and downs, but this has been the best relationship I’ve had and I’m head over heels and hooked. To show my commitment, I decided to work on a goal to complete a half marathon in every state in the US, plus a few other races along the way – maybe even do a few states more than once. I think I can do it! It is a big challenge, for sure, but as long as my body will let me, I’m going to try.

I’ve also taken the plunge (gulp) on training for my first full Marathon in April of 2014. See how I’m doing on the Results and PRs Page.

This blog is the history of checking off those states, documenting the training, races between, and anything else I have on my mind as it pertains to running.

And, if you’re curious about the title – it comes comments I get whenever I talk to non-runners about running. Often, they respond to my “I’m a runner” comment with “the only time I run is when somethin’s chasin’ me”. Although I used to feel that way about running, I no longer do, and as good as my relationship has been with running, even we get into ruts sometimes, so it doesn’t hurt to keep it in the back of my mind some days when I need motivation to push through.

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