Where do I Start?

ok, I’ll admit that I swiped the title of this blog from the Reverend Horton Heat song…

I chose this title carefully, though… I’m a runner and I do it of free will – no chasing required. Some, however, do not share my opinion. Most of the time, those folks will crack a joke “yeah, well, only if somethin’s chasin’ me”. I thought the title fitting for those folks.

I think that because I used to share that opinion. It wasn’t until I was graded on it that I started running and seeing the value in it. Like coffee and dark beer, it was an acquired taste. I haven’t always been an avid runner, but I think it will stick now. I always come back to it, especially when I have stress and anxiety in my life. It has been the one thing in my life that I can honestly say has kept me sane (though, that’s pretty relative as of late). I’m always grateful when I come back to it and I miss it when I fall out of the habit.

I’m going on about an 18 month stretch now, and I must say, this is the longest it has stuck. I think I’m officially addicted now – as long as my body will let me.

Sure, I love it now, but I didn’t always… and I don’t always. There are days when I wish I didn’t have to go – followed by the sense of accomplishment and gratitude for actually making myself lace up and go for “just 3… if I can just do 3, that’s something and something’s better than nothing”.

Something is always better than nothing.

Then, there are days when I can’t wait to go. I eagerly pack my running gear only to be stopped by a lightning show or ice and am stuck onĀ  a treadmill.

Something is still always better than nothing.

So… in essence, this blog is about my running. Why I do it. How I do it. Whether or not I do it. Successes and failures – and I’ve had plenty of both. I have lofty goals: I want to run a half marathon in each state (2 down, 48 to go). I want to Boston Qualify (and if I do, that’ll be MA). I want to run a sub-8mm 5k (did one today at 8:30 – I have my work cut out for me there). But… if you don’t have anything to work toward, that time on the treadmill is a little more frustrating.

Hope you enjoy reading… gotta run.