I Owe You One… or Five…

Myyyyy Friends…

I have not dropped out. I’m still running. I’m still doing my core and strength work (and it is starting to pay off).

I’m still racing.

In fact, I owe you several race reports, dating back to March! One for the St Paddys 8k (participated in the Kilt Run for a record!), one for the Martian Half Marathon (#11 – MI) which I loved, one for my beloved Tarheel 10 Miler, one for the Capital City Classic 10k, and one for the San Francisco Marathon, 2nd Half (my first repeat state – and I still loved this race)!

…and I’ve been getting a little faster, which has been a lot of work. In fact, because I’m still improving my speed,  I have decided to follow a 3:45 training plan for the full marathon I plan to run in April 2014 in Raleigh to see how close I can get to a BQ time, Actually, I have time to follow the plan without a race (maybe another 20-mile run instead of the full), recover three weeks, and try it again.

Looks like I’m going to stay busy for the near term.

I’m looking at how to get a calendar set up on my blog so I can show the races I have coming up. Right now, the only one I’m actually registered for and planning on is the United Health Care Half Marathon in Providence, RI in October. I’m looking at the Madison Mini Marathon (WI in August, though, that one seems unlikely at this point), Savannah Rock and Roll in November (at the end of the first 3:45 training plan) and/or Secret City Half in Oak Ridge, TN in December. Then… there are the shorter/faster races locally I’m likely to want to do such as the Oktoberfest 8k, City of Oaks/Old Reliable 10k and I may actually try for a 5k PR at some point. I’m also trying to coordinate things so I can do the Austin Half in February and make that my last race before the full in April.

I’m still playing catch up with everything, but I think, mostly, I just need to write shorter posts and stop being so anal retentive about my writing… Either way – I do remember and I will write them eventually. For now, though… I have to get in a decent (5-6 miler) on the treadmill… which I’m putting off because it is on the treadmill (sigh)

Until tomorrow… or the next opportunity I get to sit down in front of this computer 🙂