Anticipation… is getting the better of me

I’m so excited right now, I’m finding it hard to find a place to put all this energy.

A week from today, I’ll have hopefully finished my 3rd half marathon in as many states. I think of this as a true test as to whether or not this was just an insane idea, or if it is really a super-long-term (some might argue insane) goal. I hope it is the latter.

My only goal for next week is to finish under 2 hours as I did for the previous two races. I’d like a Personal Record (PR), but I’m also realistic – I was injured during part of my training and I have missed a lot of training runs recently due to work and life stuff… my goal this year is to be a lot more disciplined about making my training runs and cross-training workouts. Oh, and to do Yoga. So far, I’m not doing so great with it, so I have some work to do.


I’m excited about this time next week. If nothing else, I’ll have the experience of traveling to a new city and running with about 20k of like-minded folks, and that makes me happy.

I’m sure this will come up again this week, so my apologies in advance for being as giddy as a 12-year old at a Jonas Brother’s concert.